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Grown Here. Not Flown Here.

Fresh. Local. Raw.

Makana, which means gift, roots true to this land and our story. We are not your average farm, nor do we want to be. Our collaboration of families came to Hilo with the heart to feed the people and share in health.

With a vision set, we made the leap to put down roots on the hillsides of Hilo and began making quality compost, Mac-nut bio char, and mulch galore in order to begin planting heirloom seeds. When we hear the outrageous numbers of 85 percent or more food for Hawaii is imported, we know in our hearts that we are here to help change that. Our speciality is fresh, organically-grown, healthy produce. We steer clear of modern farming techniques to keep the soil quality nui (great, plentiful, abundant). And because we aren’t depleting the soil and damaging it’s natural state, we get to keep the produce quality nui (great, plentiful, abundant). Why take time to eat healthy if all those vegetables are truly not healthy?

Experience Makana Raw

We don’t just grow produce. We make nutrient-dense food. Come visit and shop our produce boxes and let’s talk story and pursue a better way to eat.

Know The Integrity Of Your Food

Modern farming techniques strip your produce of the nutrients it was originally designed to have. Even if you are shopping organic, you are most likely missing out on healthy food because the soil is not healthy. Our focus on the farm soil and it’s nutrients will allow you to bring food home which can keep you healthy and living your life feeling good.

Makana Raw

Let’s talk story and step into health together. Come visit the farm or find us on these platforms.

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Farm Visits and Box Pick-up

SundayThursday: 9am am – 7pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm
Saturday: Closed


On the hillside of Ama’u’ulu Rd.
Hilo, HI

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